Investment Management Solutions

Aventus Investment Advisors Investment Management SolutionsAventus Investment Advisors helps you build and preserve your financial wealth with a holistic approach to investment management and financial planning. Our approach to investment management starts with creating a financial plan that understands your investment objectives, needs for liquidity, sensitivity to volatility, financial goals, and other key factors. We then work with you to create a personal wealth management strategy that will assist you towards your aspirations in the a cost and tax efficient manner.

Aventus Advisors helps you build and preserve your financial wealth in part by scouring the market for opportunities in a variety of asset classes that provide the best potential returns with the lowest possible risk. We strive to achieve diversification of client portfolios by asset type, long/short positioning, currency, country and level of volatility.

Utilizing our global expertise, we are able to identify international investments that represent the best options in our global economy. Our international investments target diversification by country, currency, and industry, but with focused positions representing the best examples of potential return with measurable risk. The Aventus Advisors team has experience working in the capital markets in both developed and emerging countries. This practical knowledge provides insight on the relative risks and rewards of international investing. Investing on a global scale is more important today than ever due to the increasing interdependent world economy. Whether these investments are equities, fixed income securities, funds, commodities or real estate, global perspective is paramount to a well-rounded portfolio.

We provide education and guidance that is founded in years of experience and knowledge, bringing in legal and accounting expertise from service provider partners who are also leaders in their fields.  We earn your trust in our role as fiduciary, acting in an ethical relationship of trust, for our clients. Aventus Advisors is your trusted source for investment management in the Cornelius, Huntersville and other areas of Charlotte North Carolina.


Aventus Investment Advisors can assist you with the following personalized financial planning and investment management solutions:
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Investment Management

We provide unbiased advice on investments that combine attractive returns tailored to your risk tolerance.
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Financial Planning

Our planning process assists you towards your financial goals.

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Retirement Planning

Our experience and ideas can move you towards living your idealized lifestyle in retirement.
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Education Funding

We identify educational plans and programs for your funding goals.

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Estate Planning

Working with an experienced team of professionals can provide a customized plan to assist you towards your goals.
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Charitable Giving

Giving can be accomplished with tax efficiency and flexibility within your overall financial plan.

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International Investing

Our international investing experience of over 20 years can yield benefits to our investors.
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Cash Flow & Debt Management

We provide value added advice to minimize debt expense and maximize long term cash flow.

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Insurance & Risk Management

We provide unbiased advice on when and if insurance products are an attractive risk management or investment solution.
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Income Tax Planning

We work with your CPA to provide income strategies that minimize or defer tax liabilities.

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Stock Option Strategies

Options can provide attractive after tax returns when execution and price risk is managed effectively.
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Single Stock Exposure

We assist executives with large company exposures who will benefit from a plan to diversify and manage risk.

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Customized Portfolio Construction

We create investment portfolios which are customized given our clients goals and circumstances.
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Access to Alternative Investments

Alternative investments can be a key component of many of our clients’ portfolios and provide important diversification on investment returns.

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Family Office Services

We provide complete family office services to select clients, helping with everything from asset and estate management to bill paying.
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Investment Vehicle Selection

The correct investment vehicle for investments can provide attractive after tax returns.